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YAML: A human-readable data serialization language.

YAML is a lightweight and easy-to-read data serialization language that is often used for configuration files and data exchange between programming languages. It allows for complex data structures to be represented in a simple and intuitive way, making it a popular choice for developers and system administrators alike. YAML is often used in conjunction with tools like Ansible, Kubernetes, and Docker to define infrastructure and application configurations. Its simplicity and readability make it a great choice for anyone looking to manage and exchange data in a clear and concise way.


Datestamp Format

The format of the datestamp to be used in the file naming scheme.

Default Yaml Template

The default YAML template to be used for the API connection.

File Naming Scheme

The naming scheme to be used for the output files.

Flattening Enabled

Whether or not to flatten nested JSON objects.

Flattening Max Depth

The maximum depth to which nested JSON objects will be flattened.

Overwrite Behavior

The behavior to be used when overwriting existing files.

Record Insert Jsonpath

The JSONPath expression used to insert records into the output file.

Record Key Property Name

The name of the property to be used as the record key.

Record Sort Property Name

The name of the property to be used for sorting records.

Stream Map Config

The configuration for the stream maps.

Stream Maps

The mapping of input streams to output files.

Timestamp Format

The format of the timestamp to be used in the file naming scheme.

Timestamp Timezone

The timezone to be used for the timestamp.

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