Take the pain out of your data load

Matatika provides the complete set of ETL tools to rapidly load data from 500+ sources into your data warehouse.

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Data Load Pain

500+ open source connectors and ready to use industry models

Build data pipelines that are fast, powerful and reliable.

  • Pipeline Monitoring
    One platform for any source

    Simplify the building and management of data load tasks within a single space.  Using the Matatika Lab, data teams can configure new sources without writing any code or manage the configuration of multiple connections to the same source.  Even 100s of customer centric connections becomes a breeze to manage.

    Creating reliable data load pipelines with traditional ETL tools for many unique source types and custom formats was a challenge for enterprise customers.  Now their data teams can also load data and manage change with full git version control release and rollback.

    Read more about our approach to portable data projects

  • DataOps Release
    Collaborative development for analytics teams

    Collaboratively deploy modular, portable, and documented analytics code.  Now your teams can deliver high quality and trusted datasets in even the most complex environments without a plethora of ETL tools.

    Version Control and CI/CD
    Deploy and promote changes between dev, staging, and production environments. Git-enabled version control enables collaboration and rollback.

    Testing and Documentation
    Develop and test every model prior to production release, and collaborate on dynamically generated documentation.

    Standard Development Tools
    Write modular data transformations in standard tools such as VS Code.

  • Data catalog search
    Single source of truth

    Establish a single source of truth for all stakeholders to discover, discuss, and understand their data.  Matatika provides data teams and business users all the important information about their data – where it comes from, where it is used, when it was last loaded, and how consistent it is.

    Sharing and searching trusted datasets is now simple.

All your data in one place

A single space to power essential analytics and unlock innovation.

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