Accelerate research and collaboration with AI

With the help of generative AI, Matatika’s Human++ app enables one person to perform the research of 10x the number of people.

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Instantly access knowledge in unstructured data

The future of work is Human + AI

Matatika humanplus intelligence

  • Context Plugin
    Never waste time searching for information again

    It can be hugely frustrating redoing work or digging through piles of information when you know the answer is there somewhere.  If you are in a research team, it can feel like this is all you do.

    The Matatika Context extension highlights text where you have additional information, providing instant access to all your knowledge and ensures you never lose a piece of information again!  This extension highlights your approved and quality controlled knowledge directly on any web page, powered by your Matatika AI workspace.

    Expand the available knowledge base by uploading documents to Google Drive, asking more questions with AI and tagging the results.

  • AI Research Assistant
    Answer questions 10x faster

    Generative AI apps such as ChatGPT have shown that humans plus AI are the most effective combination.  Human driven research tends to be slow, whilst AI generated answers are at risk of being misleading or totally wrong.

    Matatika’s workspace provides access to an AI research assistant where the human is in charge and the AI generates answers only using information from the connected knowledge base of information.

    Human vetted answers that can be trusted.

  • Data Privacy with Artificial Intelligence

    Deploying, managing, and scaling AI work loads are some of the most demanding tasks for today’s analytics engineers.  The use of AI as a service such as the Open AI API for GPT large language models has enabled teams to quickly launch AI innovations.  Unfortunately, data privacy considerations have been an afterthought and data is leaving your organisation in this solution.

    Matatika manages the AI model management complexity and enables our clients to make use of self-hosted models for sensitive data use cases.  Our team would be delighted to discuss your use case whether you’re comfortable with 3rd parties processing your data or if you need to put data privacy first and ensure your data never leaves your infrastructure.

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Private LLMs

Utilise large language models as a service from Open AI or in your own cloud using AWS Bedrock.

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Read how Matatika worked with the Royal College of Arts to create a knowledge base of culturally sensitive information.

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