Infinite scale without costing the earth

Matatika delivers secure, sustainable and cost effective data processing services in your cloud or ours.

Sustainable Cloud

100bn+ rows processed by Matatika every year

Enterprise scale at a moments notice

  • Cloud Architecture
    Scale up and down

    The Matatika Platform leverages a cloud-native technology stack that ensures you only use the cloud compute resources you need. Our platform takes care of the resources required to meet demand so you spend more time on your analytics and less time managing infrastructure.

    A modern approach to business intelligence enables organisations to run with little or no resources at idle, and rapidly scale up when necessary.

  • Data Privacy with Artificial Intelligence

    Deploying, managing, and scaling AI work loads are some of the most demanding tasks for your teams. This has led to a rise in use of AI as a service models such as the Open AI API for GPT large language models. Unfortunately, data privacy considerations are often an afterthought.

    Matatika has deployed services that make use of AI as a service APIs, and sensitive data use cases that ensure data never leaves your infrastructure. AI and data privacy can be a particularly thorny area, one that our team would be delighted to discuss.

  • Federated Identity
    Federated Identity & Authentication

    Today, the average employee has 191 passwords to track, perfect, and update. Systematic approaches that avoid reusing passwords (by necessity due to the shear number) can be the most effective way to avoid security risks.

    The Matatika Platform supports state of the art authentication and authorisation mechanisms for our user and API access. Supporting OpenID Connect, OAuth, and SAML federated user identity protocols means that once authenticated, a user can access Matatika just like any corporate system with a single sign-on (SSO). OAuth consent management for our API resources and within our connectors to sources systems means users can grant and withdraw access - keeping full control of their data.

  • Storage
    Storage under control

    Compliance with regulations, legislation, or massive volumes can lead to soaring storage costs. Meanwhile, the investment in deletion, archival, and access tier management is not insignificant.

    The Matatika Platform provides storage, retrieval, and search services that simplify your data management. Allowing your teams to spend their time producing insights, not managing the deletion of your data.

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