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Google Cloud Storage is a cloud-based storage service provided by Google.

Google Cloud Storage allows users to store and access their data on Google's infrastructure, providing secure and scalable storage for applications and websites. It offers features such as object storage, data transfer, and access control, and can be integrated with other Google Cloud services such as BigQuery and Cloud Functions. With Google Cloud Storage, users can store and retrieve data from anywhere in the world, with high availability and low latency. It also offers different storage classes to optimize costs based on data access frequency and retention requirements.


To obtain the Bucket name, the user must first create a bucket in the Google Cloud Storage console. Once the bucket is created, the user can obtain the name by navigating to the bucket details page.

To obtain the Credentials file, the user must first create a service account in the Google Cloud Console and download the JSON key file associated with the service account. The user can then use this file as the credentials file when connecting to the Google Cloud Storage API.


Bucket name

The name of the Google Cloud Storage bucket to connect to.

Credentials file

The path to the JSON file containing the credentials for accessing the bucket.

Date format

The format for the date to be used in the key naming convention.

Key prefix

A prefix to be added to the beginning of all keys created in the bucket.

Key naming convention

The convention used to name keys in the bucket, which may include variables such as date and time.

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