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Conventional approaches to business intelligence are no longer good enough.

At Matatika, our modern approach and technology are redefining the way organisations manage their pipelines, processes, and teams.

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Guide to getting more from your data

Increase trust, reduce costs, be more agile!

  • Business decisions from a single source of truth

    Learn more about creating robust data pipelines, automated quality checks, and data lineage tracking.  Finally solving the data management practices that led to siloed and inconsistent data sources.

  • Put your cost optimisation on autopilot

    Learn how to minimise waste, streamline processes, and automatically focus on costs.  Keep one eye on costs at all times with intelligent cloud resource allocation and more effective collaboration.

  • Seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing

    Learn how to promote knowledge sharing, skill diversification, and continuous learning.  Streamline requirements to delivery by empowering teams to tackle complex challenges with collective expertise.

  • Automate your data operations with continuous integration & deployment

    Learn how to reduce manual work, minimise errors, and maximise change efficiency.  Automated release management reduces effort and unlocks to focus on value-add activities.

  • Simplify data systems to deliver more changes with reduced downtime

    Learn how to introduce data centric automated testing, monitoring, and error detection mechanisms.  Moving to a proactive approach allows teams to identify and address potential issues before they impact business processes.

  • Use real-time actionable insights to keep pace with rapidly changing marketplaces.

    Learn how to rapidly iterate on data processing tasks, experiment with new ideas, and introduce innovations to market faster.  Matatika’s guide will help your teams create data workflows where insights are automated, version controlled, and collaboration is seamless.  Giving your organisation a competitive edge.

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Any Data Source

With more than 500+ Matatika and Community data sources you can be sure we are able to work with your current systems and any you might add in the future.

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Data Experts

With a combined 150+ years of experience, the founders of Matatika recognised that data innovation starts with an open and accessible platform. Our experts live and breathe data.

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Use our 21 point checklist to get more value from your data, even if you are not a Matatika customer yet.

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