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Conventional approaches to data management and operations are no longer good enough.

Data Operations (DataOps) is a pivotal methodology, redefining the way organisations manage their data pipelines, processes, and teams.

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The ultimate guide to modern dataops

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  • DataOps Trusted Data
    Solid Foundation for Informed Decision-Making

    Business decisions require trusted information, from a trusted source.  DataOps first and foremost addresses these key issues of trust.  Whereas traditional data management practices often led to siloed and inconsistent data sources – creating mistrust among stakeholders – DataOps addresses these demands by establishing robust data pipelines, automated quality checks, and data lineage tracking.  This paves the way for a single source of truth, instilling confidence in data consumers and empowering them to make well-informed decisions.

  • Lower Costs
    Optimised Resource Utilisation

    Sustainable business growth requires a constant focus on costs.  DataOps aligns with this objective by optimising resources allocated to systems, efficient collaboration, and reducing human based operational overhead.  By minimising waste, streamlining processes, and focusing on optimal resource utilisation, DataOps helps organisations achieve their goals while maintaining a competitive cost structure.

  • Scalable Teams
    Empowering Collaboration and Cross-Functionality

    Traditional data management has suffered from silos that hinder collaboration and knowledge sharing between data-related functions.  DataOps shifts the focus to cross-functional teams that are able seamlessly collaborate across the data lifecycle.  By promoting knowledge sharing, skill diversification, and continuous learning, DataOps not only ensures streamlined requirements to delivery but also empowers teams to tackle complex challenges with collective expertise.

  • Reliable Operations
    Increased Automation and Simplification

    Automation, data as code, and continuous integration & deployment enables DataOps teams to reduce manual work, minimise errors, and maximise their operational efficiency.  This automated and code promotion approach not only reduces effort but also allows data professionals to focus on value-add activities rather than repetitive donkey work.

  • Reduced Operational Risks
    Fewer Issues and Enhanced Reliability

    The modern complexity of data systems can breed issues and impede progress through constant operational issues. DataOps combats this challenge by introducing data centric automated testing, monitoring, and error detection mechanisms.  This proactive approach allows teams to identify and address potential issues before they impact business processes.  As a result, teams deliver more changes with reduced downtime, improved data quality, and higher confidence.

  • Business Agility
    Accelerated Insights and Innovation

    To keep pace with rapidly changing marketplaces, businesses must swiftly transform raw data into actionable insights.  A DataOps environment aims for data workflows that are automated, all code is versioned, and collaboration is seamless.  As a result, teams can rapidly iterate on data processing tasks, experiment with new ideas, and introduce innovations to market faster.  By aligning data delivery with the speed of business requirements, DataOps greatly reduces innovation cycles, giving organisations a competitive edge.

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The ultimate guide to modern dataops

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Use our guide to consider the strategies and tactics to implement DataOps today. Our guide will help you harness the full power of your data, even if you are not a Matatika customer yet.

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