Stand out in a competitive marketplace

Get ahead with clean, automated data which tells you where and when your resources are active.

Use real-time data to forecast. Share instant reports with your customers.

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Company wide data, all collated into a single workspace. Share, collaborate and decide with confidence.

An organisational level overview of your capacity

Daily Project Stats Last 14 Days

Delays in information can costs businesses money.  Automation means that everyone who needs to know is full up to speed.

Build trust by sharing carefully chosen data outside of your company and import customer data as easily as your own.

A snapshot of the business at any moment will keep you on top of your KPIs, SLAs or response times.  You can even set alarms to alert you the moment you are off target.

Create a faster workflow to free up your time and drive value – with excellent data evidence to support your ideas.

Build a data operations workspace connected to the apps you already use

Connect the apps you already use in a single workspace

  • Solarvista

    Field service and workforce mobility software. Make reporting live. Set alerts when KPIs are missed. Share data with your customers for complete transparency.

  • Auth0

    More than login in data, authentication and authorisation data helps you make capacity decisions, demonstrated security and monitors workflow.

  • Spreadsheets

    Updated spreadsheet information arrives into a shared workspace in real time.

  • Report Sharing

    No more waiting for data. Let collaborators access data whenever they have questions.

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