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Focus more time on client relationships, and less on data drudgery.

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Facilities Management intelligence

Rapidly deliver service intelligence

Producing reports and updates manually is time-consuming and frustrating. It relies on multiple systems or spreadsheets being kept up to date and the information is rarely trusted for decision-making. Matatika brings together hard-to-access data, enabling your teams to share and collaborate with clients securely from anywhere.

  • App Forecast
    Convert your client and performance data into a strategic asset

    Collecting and analysing the growing tsunami of client related data can transform your maintenance organisation.  Human error and the costly overhead of manual data gathering mean adding more people just won’t cut it.  But once processes are optimised, and your teams trust the data, you’ll want to shout about it.

    Use a Matatika secure workspace to automatically collect data and report on SLAs, KPIs and Work Order performance in real-time.  Transparency increases customer satisfaction and initiates conversations for growth.

  • Who what when
    See who is doing what, where, when and how?

    Ensuring everyone in the fulfillment chain is on the same page at all times is essential.  A job well executed but poorly communicated can still result in time wasted and reputational damage.  Timely reporting and a shared view of the required data are vital, yet so often where failures occur.

    Let the Matatika mobile app connect all parties involved, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.  Instantly share your planning and performance data.  Get updates and track progress in real-time.

  • Data report
    Data in = Risk out

    Facilities Management involves dealing with a tidal wave of vulnerabilities and accepting you cannot fix them all.  Modern Risk-Based vulnerability management, with real-time visibility of decision data, allows you to prioritise the biggest risks to your clients’ business, save time and cut costs.

    The Matatika Platform can automatically alert you to potential risks, such as SLA breaches, and deliver actionable business insights 24×7.

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FM data sources

Swimming in IT systems and drowning in data? CMMS, CAFM, FSM, WOM, EAM, IWMS, TIC, BIM, GRC... Let Matatika combine and consolidate all of your data in a single secure workspace.

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Custom Integrations

Rapidly adding new connectors is one of our biggest strengths. Tell us what you are looking to connect up and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

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Customer Success

See how Matatika worked with Solarvista to help CBES secure a major new client win with live reporting in this revealing case study

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