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  • How Context helps refugee communities navigate new journeys with Matatika

    Context, a Royal College of Art (RCA) service design project, was launched in response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis. The Context team discovered that communities born from a crisis have an urgent need for a human connection to trusted information that is not readily available. The trusted information existed, it just lacked the trusted connective tissue. In this age of instant information, an unfamiliar situation with no online results can feel daunting and isolating. Matatika was able to build a chrome browser plugin on top of its AI powered search and data aggregation technology within days. This fully working prototype, called Context, addressed this information and human connection challenge in a private and secure space.

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  • How ImpactGrows built an ESG Data Hub with Matatika

    ImpactGrows helps corporates achieve their sustainability goals with an end-to-end platform for automated reporting, management, and deep analytics of Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) information. A company embarking on a sustainability journey needs to consider its maturity, community sentiment, peer benchmarking, materiality mapping, goal setting, strategy & risk. At every step, trusted data is key to tracking, decision-making, and evidencing sustainability-linked lending - a $1.6 trillion lending product in 2021.

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  • How DTN automated time-consuming admin tasks to grow their bespoke talent networks.

    Diverse Talent Networks (DTN) build bespoke networks that connect leaders with underrepresented talent. Their service uses robust and accurate data to benchmark companies' diversity strategies. Clients collaborate in secure online networking spaces, where talent profiles are compared with live industry data. Growth and progress are qualified by quantified evidence.

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  • CBES increased revenue through customer service intelligence

    Major supermarkets across the UK need to keep critical facilities such as air conditioning, fridges, and self-service machines running smoothly. City Building and Engineering Services (CBES), the largest service repair company in the UK, helps these businesses continue to generate revenue with tight service level agreements.

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