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Rapidly deliver application intelligence

Many software companies, even data-focused ones like us, face gnarly data challenges in their day-to-day operations.  They need business and application intelligence, but can’t justify hiring an army of data engineers to build their data platform from scratch.  Matatika is a robust technology platform that specialises in data processing, enabling your teams to focus on what they do best – developing customer features.

Move fast in a changing market

  • Process information at scale

    Gathering information from your users through spreadsheets, csv uploads, databases, and other consented data sources can be a complex endeavor.  Coupled with the operational demands of failed pipelines during the night, it’s enough to give any development team nightmares.

    Use a Matatika secure workspace to securely gather data from client and alternative sources; integrate intelligence into your application with our well-documented APIs and cloud-scale platform.

  • Templates
    Cloud overage = avoidable cost

    Modern product teams leverage on-demand cloud resources for development and production.  This is often a huge productivity boost.  However, the use of compute, storage, databases, and authentication in the cloud can have sudden and dramatic cost increases – increases that can attract unwelcome CFO attention.

    At Matatika, we have used our own experience to develop standard cloud cost and productivity templates.  Using these templates you can avoid unnecessary cloud costs.

  • Increase your data trust and change velocity

    Growing companies have a very high pace of change.  Unfortunately, this often leads to intelligence that no longer makes sense or a total loss of trust in the data.

    At Matatika, we have developed DataOps technologies and practices into our platform from Day 1 – so you always deliver data you can trust.

No code and/or full code customisation


Track your user log ins in the same workspace as your Google Analytics. See when users log in and target your messaging, deploy your resources and increase your service levels accordingly.


Google Analytics

Match your user data from your website with their in app behaviour. Increase your Customer Lifetime Value with real understanding of the user journey.



Keep track of your development workload with a company overview. See how quickly tasks are being completed. Find blocks in the workflow for faster delivery.


Collect your raw data and update your workspace in real time. Add important external data (weather, peak times, share prices, anything!) to add context to your insights.

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