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We get it, you need to build quickly with clean data that will scale as you do.

Find answers to the most important questions about your users, costs, product and delivery all in a single workspace.

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Save time with our data stack. Standard templates, quick to install. Change them as your metrics change. Build your business not your software.

Move fast in a changing market

Be a data company first and foremost.  Manage rapid changes, react quickly to trends or stay as lean to scale with great data practice built into your foundations.

Import all your favourite products to bring all your data in a single workspace.

Built in a fraction of the time, we will update and maintain it so you can focus on your CAC, MRR, revenue and churn instead.

Work smarter, work faster.


No code and/or full code customisation - our best USP!

  • Auth0

    Track your user log ins in the same workspace as your Google Analytics. See when they log in and target your messaging, deploy your resources and increase your service levels accordingly. Auth0 data is secure and credible.

  • Google Analytics

    Match your user data from your website with their other behaviour. Increase your Customer Lifetime Value by showing you really understand the user journey.

  • Trello

    Keep track of your workload with a company overview. See how quickly tasks are being completed. Find blocks in the workflow for faster delivery.

  • Spreadsheets

    Collect your raw data and update your workspace in real time. Add important external data (weather, peak times, share prices) to your reports.

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