Transport 3.0 collective intelligence

Use multi-modal vehicle and people movement data to improve the accuracy of transport planning, and network efficiency for users.

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Reliable demand patterns in real-time

Transport infrastructure and services, such as rail, buses, and roads, were designed and built based on assumptions and data that are now out of date.  The capture of actual ‘trip’ demand data for a greater proportion of the population will enable planners to optimise the design and investment in transport infrastructure and services.  Matatika enables real-time sharing of people and vehicle movement data with open standards; creating a collective intelligence platform of multi-modal movement for the transport and tech sectors.

One platform to share, discover, and access

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    Match capacity to demand

    Collection and sharing of historical and near real-time movement data in an open data platform enable innovative services that match capacity to user demand.  Optimal design, investment, and operation of transport modes need intelligence-driven solutions.

    Use Matatika to enable demand intelligence through state-of-the-art open and transparent data-sharing technologies.

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    Journey origin to destination data

    Fine-grained multi-modal vehicle and people movement data are essential for transport network planners to be more effective and current at the point of planning.  Anonymised and transparent data collection is essential for users to trade their movement information for this promise of a better service.

    Use the Matatika platform to enable effective planning through untraceable collection intelligence.

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    Research and Innovation

    Access to information is the key to technological leaps and breakthroughs.  Strategic and investment planning, transport planning, and management of infrastructure and networks are all potential opportunities for dramatically easier and lower-cost outcomes.

    Matatika connects all parties involved, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.

Connect the data in a single workspace

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Novel data sources

Collect multi-modal vehicle and people movement data sources, e.g. Smart phones, SatNav, in-vehicle GPS trackers, fitness apps, cycling/walking apps, and personal devices.

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Transport Data Strategy

The UK Government is committed to a Transport Data Strategy that improves the use of and access to data.

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Transport 3.0 whitepaper

A Matatika thought piece on the digital transport revolution driven by open and accessible movement data.

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