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  • Monitor your Snowflake spend

    See what queries or models cost you the most, and get a heads up that it might be an expensive month!

    It only takes a few minutes to setup your own Snowflake monitoring project.  Learn more…

  • Track your GitHub stats

    We manage 60+ open source repositories and have created this GitHub analytics example to help you see your organization’s open source engagement, understand the code quality and health of your codebase, and track project issues.

    Run our GitHub analytics example project in minutes.  Learn more…

  • Private data hub

    The Matatika Community Edition can be used as an Enterprise Data Hub – supporting workflows such as automated updates, secure dependency management, and approved data sources.

    Run data projects with your organisation’s approved and secure set of data plugins.  500 plugins available out-the-box.  Learn more…

The best technologies, seamlessly integrated.

  • Import

    Integrated extract and load (EL) jobs with Meltano

    A powerful open source alternative to:
    – Stitch
    – Fivetran
    – Airbyte
    – Funnel

  • Model

    Integrated transformation (T) jobs with dbt

    A powerful open source alternative to:
    – Matillion
    – Alteryx
    – talend

  • Orchestrate

    Integrated automation and scheduling with Spring Cloud Dataflow.

    A powerful open source alternative to:
    – Airflow
    – Prefect
    – Dagster

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