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Running Your Data Import Locally

Time required: 15 minutes


You must have:

  • Own or have administrative access to a workspace
  • Git installed
  • Python >=3.7 installed
  • Meltano installed (virtual environment recommended)


Data import pipelines in Matatika workspaces are run using Meltano. Each Matatika workspace is backed by a repository containing a Meltano project hosted on GitHub, which can easily be cloned locally in order to run data import pipelines external to the Matatika platform.


  1. Within the Matatika app, switch to the workspace that contains the data import pipeline you wish to run locally
  2. Navigate to the workspace ‘Settings’ page and copy the repository URL
  3. Clone the workspace to your local system
     git clone
  4. Change into the cloned directory and create a new .env file
  5. Head back to the Matatika app and navigate to the workspace Lab then Pipelines page, and expand the data import pipeline you wish to run locally
  6. Select the ‘Environment’ tab and click the .env text field to copy the environment configuration
  7. Paste the copied environment configuration into the .env file you created earlier

Your local workspace repository should now be set up similar to this one: Github Example Link

Running Locally

(activate your virtual environment if you are using one for Meltano)

  1. Install the extractor
     meltano install extractor tap-example
  2. Install the loader
     meltano install loader target-example
  3. Run your data import pipeline
     meltano run tap-example target-example