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Reference documentation for orchestration actions that import and process data.

Use the Matatika pipeline YAML to orchestrate data actions in your workspace as code.

Pipeline definitions are stored as YAML file format, you can read more about the YAML format and its syntax here.

Example: pipelines/report_pipeline.yml

version: pipelines/v0.1
- notebook
- sendgrid
- notebook:run-convert
- sendgrid:send
timeout: 1500
schedule: 0 0 0 * * 0

Key Information

Key Datatype Information
version String The version identifies this artifact type.
data_components Array The meltano.yml data component name.
actions Array The Meltano tasks that will be run as defined in your meltano.yml or Plugins.
inline_script String Custom Bash script. Overrides actions if supplied.
timeout Integer A timeout value in seconds that prevents pipelines from running for too long. A pipeline running longer that the timeout setting is automatically stopped by Matatika.
properties Map A map of properties, with Data Component name and setting as the key and the value e.g. data-component-name.setting=value, that configures the pipeline environment.
schedule String The automated schedule for this pipeline, in a standard cron format with seconds. 0 0 9-17 * * MON-FRI on the hour nine-to-five weekdays.

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