The prequel to AI

Matatika delivers data you can trust with modern data technology.

Prepare intelligent business insights with company, client, and alternative data from a single space.

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"Whether you are the UKs leading same day logistics company, or its largest children's bike distributor, you need trusted business information that is reliable, real-time, and ready for AI"
Aaron Phethean, Founder of Matatika.

Reliable, real-time, and AI ready

  • The Ultimate Guide to Modern DataOps

    Data Operations (DataOps) is a pivotal methodology, redefining the way organisations manage their data pipelines, processes, and teams.

    Download our guide to learn how to increase trust, reduce costs, and be more agile.

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  • The whole picture the whole time

    No more waiting for reports or switching between multiple interfaces. Connect all your sources in a secure workspace to get real-time information at your finger tips.

    Share, discuss and get alerts in Power BI, Looker, Tableau or any visualisation tool you prefer.

  • Information whenever and wherever you need it

    All your information in your pocket with our handy app. Check the dynamic newsfeed on the go. Need an update mid-meeting? No problem!

    Use our intelligent search to quickly get what you need.

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