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An automated and reliable platform that moves and aggregates all of your company data into a single space. Share what you want, with whom you want, whenever you want.

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"Sharing and discussing the same insights across the whole business, from an automated and accurate source, gives us tremendous confidence in our decisions"
Steven Morrison, City Building and Engineering Services (CBES)

Get connected with the data in the apps you already use

  • Connect

    Bring all your existing data sources into one space

  • Chart

    Produce accurate data which can be searched and interrogated

  • Collaborate

    Real time reporting , decision-making and forecasting

Become a data-driven business

  • The whole picture the whole time

    No more waiting for reports or switching between multiple interfaces. A single workspace with secure access you control, in your cloud or ours.

    Share, discuss and set important alerts with colleagues, customers or clients wherever they are working.

  • Information whenever and wherever you need it

    Your information in your pocket with our handy app. Check the dynamic newsfeed on the go. Need an update mid-meeting? No problem! Just use the search function to quickly get what you need.

  • Take our platform wherever you want to go

    You are in the driving seat. Put data at the heart of your business with our tools and the sky's the limit.

    Read about building a Modern Data Stack in minutes ; or find out about how we customise according to your own Data Ops methodology. Watch our demo video, or get it touch.

    We are built to bring people together and priced to scale as you do.

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