Modern BI - solved.

Matatika delivers trusted business insights from multiple sources in a single space. Insist on seeing the whole picture, the whole time with Matatika's secure, scaleable, and AI-enhanced data platform.

Matatika Platform
Matatika Platform

"Whether you are the UKs leading same day logistics company, or its largest children's bike distributor, you need trusted business information that is reliable, real-time, and ready for AI"
Aaron Phethean, Founder of Matatika.

All your data in one place

A single space to power essential analytics and unlock innovation.

Platform architecture
Hooray Team

Unlimited innovation

Matatika has an open source core with 100s of fully supported plugins. Portable data projects built with code or no-code.

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Sustainable Cloud

Agile and more flexible

Matatika is an innovative cloud-native data platform that is modular by design. You take care of the analytics, we take care of the rest.

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Data Warehouse

More value

Matatika delivers a single space that eliminates data silos and simplifies data architectures. Helping you get more value from your data.

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Reliable, real-time, and AI ready

  • The Ultimate Guide to Getting More from Your Data

    Our guide contains practical steps and a 21 point checklist for data leaders to get more value from their data.

    How to:
    - build robust data pipelines, automate quality checks, and track data lineage
    - minimise waste, streamline processes, and ensure optimal resource utilisation
    - promote knowledge sharing, skill diversification, and continuous learning
    - reduce manual work, minimise errors, and maximise team efficiency
    - identify and address potential issues before they impact business processes
    - rapidly iterate, experiment with new ideas, and get innovations to market faster

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