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Matatika prepares trusted information in your data warehouse, enabling business users to create their own analytics in business intelligence tools.

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Matatika integrates with any BI visualisation tool

Self service insights that are robust and reliable.

  • No more data silos

    Sharing a single version of the truth from your data warehouse ensures all stakeholders have the same information.  Matatika datasets are able to be embedded in any application, portal, or use our API to fetch data in custom use cases.  

    Whether you need to share data, produce exports, download PDF documents, or display custom embedded charts the Matatika Platform has you covered.

    Learn more about the Matatika API and embedded charts.

  • Sustainable Cloud
    Communicate better with beautiful visualisation

    Once your data has been prepared, self-service analytics is easy.  Matatika takes care of the data preparation with documentation, tests, and automation that makes flakey and inaccurate datasets a thing of the past.

    Power BI
    Microsoft’s Power BI is a business intelligence tool whose main benefit is the seamless integration into the larger Microsoft ecosystem.  While these integrations are a must for many, Power BI has its limits, especially when the data is sourced from multiple places.

    Looker is a powerful tool, most suitable for engineers or teams that value change control.  Modelling data is accomplished using its proprietary language, LookerML, and as a product has more limited visualisation capabilities when compared to other tools.

    Whether you choose Tableau, Mode, Sisense, GoodData or open source alternatives, our team at Matatika are happy to discuss how to produce datasets you trust.

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