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Examples and reference documentation for datasets and visualisation.

Use the Matatika dataset YAML to create and format insights in your workspace as code.

Our dataset files are stored as YAML files, you can read more about the YAML format and its syntax here.

Example: analyze/datasets/tap-google-analytics/google_analytics_daily_users_last_14_days.yml

version: datasets/v0.2
source: Google Analytics
title: "Google Analytics Daily Users Last 14 Days"
questions: ‘How many users has there been over the last 14 days?’
description: |-
    Daily users over the last 14 days.

metadata: |-
        "name": "google_analytics_locations",
        "label": "Daily Users",
        "related_table": {
        "columns": [
            {"name": "report_date", "label": "Date", "description": "Date"}
        "aggregates": [
            {"name": "total_users", "label": "Total Users", "description": "Total Users"}
visualisation: |-
    {"chartjs-chart": {"chartType": "bar"}}
query: |-
    report_date "google_analytics_locations.report_date"
    , sum(users) "google_analytics_locations.total_users"
    FROM google_analytics_locations
    WHERE report_date >= current_date - interval '14' day
    AND report_date < current_date
    GROUP BY report_date 
    ORDER BY report_date

Key Information

Dataset Key Datatype Information
version String The version determines how the CLI handles publishing the dataset.
source String A channel name to be used to group up related datasets in your workspace.
title String The title at the top of the insight.
questions String Questions that your dataset answers, so people can find the dataset just by asking questions.
description String Information about what the dataset is, how it’s being filtered or displayed and other relevant information. You can also add #tags.
metadata String of JSON Details about how the dataset’s chart is laid out. More Info
visulisation String of JSON Details about the precise visualisation of the datasets chart. More Info
query String of SQL The query that returns the data from your datastore for use in the dataset’s chart and related table. More Info
rawData String of a List The rawData key allows you to hard-code data directly into your dataset.

String Formatting

You may use any of the following string formats:

title: Google Analytics Daily Users Last 14 Days

title: 'Google Analytics Daily Users Last 14 Days'

title: "Google Analytics Daily Users Last 14 Days"

title: |-
    Google Analytics Daily Users Last 14 Days
    Multi-line string, remember to indent

The multiline string is generally the best way to display the String of JSON or SQL.

Further Reading:

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