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Postman Collection

We automatically maintain a fully-tested Postman collection for the Matatika API, which contains all the requests documented for each resource type.

Simply import the following collection URL into Postman to begin sending requests:

Setting Up Authorisation

The following steps outline how to set-up authorisation in Postman for the Matatika API collection using a Bearer token:

  1. Get a token from the Matatika app
  2. In the Postman application, locate the imported ‘Matatika API’ collection and click Edit
  3. Under the Variables tab, locate the variable BEARER_TOKEN and paste the token into the CURRENT VALUE text field
  4. Click Update

Collection Variables

When running any request within the collection for the first time, the collection pre-request script will automatically attempt to populate the {{profile-id}} and {{workspace-id}} collection variables based on the provided token.

These variables can be manually created, set, and deleted when editing the collection, if required.