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This is a gallery of our insights included when you add our Trello data source to your workspace.

You can see the dataset files in our analyze-trello github repository.

Members Per Board

What is the number of members with access to each board?

Total number of members per Trello board.

Top 10 Members By Actions - All Time

Who are the most active members of all time?

Top 10 members by activity, all time.

Top 10 Members By Actions - Last 30 Days

Who are the most active members during the last 30 days?

Top 10 members by activity for the last 30 days.

Top 5 Active Cards For The Last 7 Days

What were the most active cards for the last 7 days?

Top 5 Trello cards by activity for for the last 7 days.

Total Cards In Each Board

Whats the number of cards in each of my boards?

Total cards in each board.