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Examples and reference documentation for organising your datasets into channels.

Use the Matatika channel YAML to group related datasets in your workspace as code.

Our channel files are stored as YAML files, you can read more about the YAML format and its syntax here.

Example: analyze/channels/tap-google-analytics/google_analytics.yml

version: channels/v0.1
name: Google Analytics
description: Google Analytics

Key Information

Channel Key Datatype Information
version String The version determines how the CLI handles publishing the channel.
name String Alias of your channel. Unique to the workspace, used for updating and verify channel updates.
description String Text displayed in the Matatika platform below the channel icon.
image String An image url or local reference for your channel icon. If left empty, will use the icon of the user who created the channel.

String Formatting

You may use any of the following string formats:

description: My Channel

description: 'My Channel'

description: "My Channel"

description: |-
    My Channel
    Multi-line string, remember to indent

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