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Getting Started With Matatika on Your Cloud

Time required: 5 minutes


The Matatika Platform can run in your own cloud. This documentation aims to provide you with everything you need to get up and running including:

  • The architecture and examples to run on an Azure AKS cluster, with one node.
  • The infrastructure configuration to be scaled out based on your compute needs.
  • Scripts that create the infrastructure, example configuration files, and and Azure DevOps pipeline example to deploy and upgrade automatically.

Get started now

Start by cloning the Matatika Build repository.

$ git clone [email protected]:Matatika/matatika-build.git

The README will guide you though the setup and provides fully tested deployment examples.

Once completed, you will be able login to the Matatika Lab on your domain and start producing trusted data!

Got a question?

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Further Reading