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Getting started for Meltano users

  • Time required: 5 minutes


How to get a UI, orchestrator and basic visualization for your Meltano project using the Matatika plugin.



  1. In your terminal cd into your Meltano project
  2. In your terminal run:
     meltano add utility matatika
  3. In your terminal run:
     meltano invoke matatika lab start

    (This may take some time to download the docker images for the first run).

  4. Once the docker images are running your browser will open to https://localhost:3443
  5. You will now see a login screen. If you already have a Matatika account you can just login, otherwise sign up here: Matatika Sign Up.

Congratulations, you now have the Matatika Lab running against your Meltano project!

Make Your First API Call


  1. In your terminal window where lab was started, press CTRL+C to stop the process
  2. In your terminal run:
     meltano invoke matatika lab stop

    This command will gracefully stop the lab docker containers.

  3. Below command with extra –reset option, will reset the volumes mounted, including the internal database. That means all the settings/changes are lost.

     meltano invoke matatika lab stop --reset


To update the Matatika utility to the newest version available from Meltano Hub, run the following commands:

meltano lock --update utility matatika
meltano install --clean utility matatika

Further Reading