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Google Ads Prerequisites

To use our Google Ads data source there are a few prerequisites you are required to have set up to immediately use our google oauth access.


There are currently two versions of Google Ads:

  • Adwords API, which we currently don’t support, and is being sunset (closed down) on the 27th April 2022
  • Google Ads API, which is newer and we currently support.

If you are a new Google Ads customer you will have signed up for the new Google Ads API, as sign ups for the Adwords API are closed as they are sun-setting that API.

If you are an existing Google Ads customer, you will need to find out which version of the API you are using.

When you come to use our Google Ads data source, the only required settings you need to provide are found in our Google Ads documentation.

For a slightly technical look at the Google Ads API and where to find the information required for our data source:

Google Ads API Product Overview

Google Ads API Quickstart Guide