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Integrate With The Matatika API

Time required: 2 minutes


You must have already:

  • Signed up for a Matatika account
  • Created a workspace through the Matatika app or API


To integrate with the Matatika API you will want to take advantage of our personal access tokens. With a personal access token you will be able to refresh access tokens when you need them.


  1. Go to the Matatika app, and into a workspace.
  2. Click you profile picture in the top right, and click API Keys in the drop down.

If you are using Matatika Cloud

  • Click + NEW TOKEN, provide a name and click CREATE. Make note of the Client ID and Client secret.

Using these credentials you can now call our Auth0 IDP and get an access token when required.

Next you can follow this Auth0 guide - Call Your API Using the Client Credentials Flow

In the requests you will need to use our:

  • URL :
  • Audience :

If you are running Matatika locally

  • Copy the first Access Token found under Personal Access Tokens

This Access Token is only available to user when running Matatika locally, and will not expire unless you regenerate it. You can use this in your app or elsewhere to make repeat Matatika API calls.

Now you have your developer token you can follow our next how-to guide:

Make Your First API Call

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