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Matatika is an enterprise data collaboration platform.

The Matatika App provides collaboration through private, invite only workspaces which you set up and share with internal teams or customers.

The Matatika Platform is managed by data scientists and analysts who need an out-of-the-box solution to:

  • Import and store large amounts of data
  • Process and produce real-time business intelligence
  • Share or embed data in other apps through an API
  • Collaborate on insights in a native mobile app

With the Matatika Platform, you provision a Modern Data Stack within minutes and customise the platform with code according to your own Data Ops methodology. Since we’ve taken care of the platform and get you started instantly, you spend more time developing insights and less time dealing with infrastructure.

Why Matatika?

As a data scientist or analyst, implementing a business intelligence solution or a customer-facing analytics portal, it is very likely you’ll face some of the following challenges.

  1. Time and Cost

    A bespoke solution will generally require full-time engineers and maintenance, long after the initial project is over. The team will procure cloud resources (compute and databases), and build or buy analytics and visualisation platforms. Unfortunately, it is all too common that the project will take longer than you expect, cost more than you expect, and require constant maintenance and upgrades.

    You need a subscription solution now!

  2. Scalability

    Often a business intelligence/data project starts by collecting a small amount of data (e.g. in a spreadsheet). Over time, the project requirements grow, the business value grows, and the data grows. At some point, the initial solution will not be able to cope - in a worst-case scenario, your whole business would depend on those results.

    You need a solution that scales with your business.

  3. Performance

    Whether you have an aging legacy software solution or a previously modern, bespoke solution, your business and customers will inevitably demand information faster. You will spend an increasing amount of your data teams’ time simply managing infrastructure.

    You need a data solution - not a development and infrastructure team.

  4. Flexibility

    A shiny, no-code platform can seem appealing compared to a bespoke solution. It’s rapid, but ultimately has limited data sources or capabilities.

    You need an open solution that is fully customisable and can be deployed partly or completely by your own team, if required.

Matatika has assembled the best-of-breed, open-source components into a fully managed environment so you can Sign Up and deploy your solution in minutes, with full confidence that:

Leveraging cloud-native and open-source technologies ensures our community is never constrained by storage, compute, or even us as the software vendor.