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Managing Config From GitHub

Time required: 5 minutes


You must have:

  • Admin or owner rights of the workspace you want to use.
  • Admin rights for your workspace GitHub repository available through a Matatika premium plan


Matatika can support a full DataOps lifecycle where all of your configuration is managed through your workspace GitHub repository. To deploy your configuration you can use our deployments API or configure a GitHub Webhook.

A deployment will update your workspace in the Matatika cloud with your version controlled configuration from your GitHub repository. Creating a stable change management and release process for your workspaces.

In this guide we will show you the steps to set up a GitHub Webhook where each push to your repository will trigger a deployment. To manually deploy your workspace, we recommend you use our postman collection or you can find our API documentation on deployments.

Creating the GitHub Web Hook

  1. Go to your workspace settings screen.
  2. Go to your Workspace’s repository on GitHub.
  3. Go to your GitHub repositories Settings > Webhooks > Add webhook
  4. Your Payload URL will be<workspace_id>/deployments/github-webhook You can get your <workspace_id> by going to your workspace and finding the UUID in the URL.
  5. Set the Content Type to application/json
  6. Your Secret is the Deployment Secret from your workspace settings page.
  7. Finally click the Add webhook button at the bottom

Now whenever you push to your Workspace’s repository, any changes made will be deployed automatically to your workspace.

Deployment resources