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This is a gallery of our insights included when you add our Google Analytics data source to your workspace.

You can see the dataset files in our analyze-google-analytics github repository.

How many active user are there on my website?

Google analytics insight into active users on your website.

Google Analytics Daily Users Last 14 Days

‘How many users has there been over the last 14 days?’

Daily users over the last 14 days.

Google Analytics Monthly Comparison Stats Last 3 Months

‘How are our analytics tracking comparatively for the last 3 months?’

Google analytics monthly comparison stats for the last 3 months.

Google Analytics Sessions & Users Yesterday VS Day Before

‘How did my website perform yesterday vs the day before?’

Google analytics website sessions and users yesterday vs the day before.

Google Analytics Top 10 Pages Viewed Last 30 days

‘What are our most viewed pages in the last 30 days’

Google analytics top 10 most viewed pages in the last 30 days.

The x-axis labels disabed to work around the very long page paths being displayed. You can see what pages each bar is on hover, and compare the chart to the table below.

Google Analytics Top 5 User Countries Last 90 Days

‘What are the top 5 countries our users visit from in the last 90 days?’

Google analytics op 5 user countries for the last 90 days.

Google Analytics Traffic Sources Last 30 Days

‘Where have our users come from over the last 30 days?’

Web traffic sources over the last 30 days.

Google Analytics User Locations Last 90 Days

‘What is the breakdown of users around the world for the last 90 days?’

User location for the last 90 days.