More value from your data

Matatika delivers a single space that eliminates data silos and simplifies data architectures.

Data Warehouse

130+ ready to use analytics models

Bring analytics, users and use cases together

  • Data Platform Warehouse or Lake
    No more costly and complex technology

    The Matatika Platform simplifies the technology stack to consolidate your data into data warehouse or data lake architectures. Our portable platform approach takes care of the connectors, models, testing, and metadata without locking you in to a data technology vendor. Giving you more choice and less time managing vendors.

    A modern approach to business intelligence enables organisations to be future proof and run with the latest technologies.

  • Data Observability
    Improve collaboration with one understanding of the truth

    Matatika enables your users and developers to collaborate on the one version of the truth in a single governed workspace. Release management, pipeline monitoring and daily data quality reports brings the focus on speed with a known tolerance for errors.

    Whether you keep every scrap of data in a lake or optimise your model to match the organisation in a warehouse, or a bit of both, a modern business intelligence approach maximises trust and collaboration.

  • Platform architecture
    Accelerate your innovation

    The Matatika Platform delivers a powerful set of data capabilities that enable your organisation to deliver innovations to market faster. With data central to AI & ML workloads, Apps, and virtually every business decision - you will extract more value from your data when it is in one place with a scale-able and upgrade-able data platform.

    Matatika simplifies the deployment of a cloud scale enterprise data platform and turn data into actions.

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