Do more with less cloud

Gain complete visibility into your cloud service usage and optimise performance with custom pipelines.

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Data Warehouse

Deep insights into all your cloud services

Maximise value, save time, and optimise performance

  • Sustainable Cloud
    Complete cost visibility across all services

    Load all your cloud costs into your data warehouse and discover your biggest cost centres, explore and monitor usage, and rapidly identify usage spikes.  Matatika enables you to surface optimisation opportunities and immediately act on them with notification or automated actions.  Saving your teams hours of time and your company unnecessary costs.

  • Snowflake Cost
    Allocate costs to budget holders

    Use Matatika to allocate costs to teams, projects and departments.  This fine grained cloud cost reporting against budgets is a great way to focus teams on the impact of their work and ensure their spend is necessary and useful at all times.

All your cost intelligence in one place

Maximise value

Combine knowledge from all your cloud services into your data warehouse.

Data Lineage

Save time

Use our out of the box intelligence models or build your own custom models and actions.

Power BI

Standard BI tools

Instantly from your cloud spend from desktop, mobile or in your BI tool.

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