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Use clean, automated, and real-time data to make smarter decisions faster.

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Rapidly deliver shopper intelligence

Collecting, combining, and analysing all your information can keep an army of data engineers busy.  Even then, trusting the information for decision-making can be a leap of faith.  Matatika brings together hard-to-access data, enabling your teams to share and collaborate with clients securely from anywhere.

Scale your business with confidence.

  • App Forecast
    Shopper intelligence in a single workspace

    Tracking your customers through the whole purchase process leads to insights that improve satisfaction, reduce attrition, and increase repeat purchases.  Gathering this data manually or from separate systems just won’t cut it.

    Use a Matatika secure workspace to connect data from all departments and understand the complete customer journey – campaign through to delivery.

  • Data report
    Out-of-stock = lost revenue

    Ensuring your stock levels meet demand can be a costly headache for brand operators.  Human error and the costly overhead of manual data gathering leads to out-of-stock products and lost sales.  Optimising your stock intelligence leads to higher profitability.

    Use Matatika to plan demand and recommend inventory orders to never miss a sale.

  • Deliver campaigns right place, right time

    Understanding your customers leads to higher engagement and a more active relationship.  Making market-of-one recommendations at scale is simply not possible without automation and intelligence working together.

    Use Matatika to automatically share first class insights on your highest-value customers and increase ROI of your existing marketing activity.

Your favourite apps with standard templates or fully customisable


We make it easy to move your Shopify data in to a data warehouse. As you scale, you can use the raw data however you want to find insights to grow.


Google Analytics

You can easily move your data into our shared workspace to come with other customer data sets. This will give you an overall picture of the customer journey instead of a snapshot.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Want to compare your Ad Words data to your shopping cart? You can import this information into the workspace in just a few clicks.


Custom Integrations

Rapidly adding new connectors is one of our biggest strengths. Tell us what you are looking to connect up and we will do the heavy lifting for you.

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