Informed Commerce

Use clean, automated, and real-time data to make smarter decisions faster.

Automatically share first class insights on your highest value customers with your whole team.

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It has never been easier to collect, move, display and analyse your information. Now you can scale your business with confidence.

All the data at your fingertips

Track your customers through the whole purchase process, improve login rates, attrition and repeat purchases.

Connect data from other departments to understand the complete customer journey – campaign through to delivery.

Learn more to sell more.

Become a data-informed expert in your customers

Your favourite apps with standard templates or fully customisable

  • Shopify

    We make it easy to move your Shopify data in to a data warehouse. As you scale, you can use the raw data however you want to find insights to grow.

  • Google Analytics

    You can easily move your data into our shared workspace to come with other customer data sets. This will give you an overall picture of the customer journey instead of a snapshot.

  • Google Ads

    Want to compare your Ad Words data to your shopping cart? You can import this information into the workspace in just a few clicks.

  • Auth0

    Login data can show additional behaviours useful for time of day targeting or seasonal promotions.

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