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Matatika utilises the latest AI technology to bring insights and information from unstructured data sources into your data warehouse.

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500+ sources ready for AI

Build data pipelines for unstructured data.

  • Innovate with next level understanding

    Most of the computing age has been spent capturing and structuring data.  Artificial intelligence offers a new approach that can summarise, interpret, and understand the meaning of the data.  Answering questions requires comprehension, sentiment analysis requires nuanced understanding of language tone, and classifying and scoring requires the use of thousands of data points in unstructured data.

    The Matatika Platform provides integrated services to rapidly gather information, index and build AI driven value from tasks such as question answering, sentiment, and scoring.

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  • Keep your data private and leverage AI

    Simplify your AI model management and ensure your sensitive data remains within your organisation.  Matatika takes care of deploying, managing, and scaling AI pipelines so that your teams can innovate with AI and ensure data privacy is not an afterthought.

    Our team would be delighted to discuss your use case and help you deploy self-hosted or AI as a service models. 

    Open AI
    Open AI API provides programmatic access to the large language model service that powers ChatGPT.  Companies all over the world have been able to create solutions with AI using simple prompt engineering interfaces to the GPT large language models.  This service is not appropriate for sensitive and private data use cases. 

    AWS Bedrock
    AWS Bedrock provides programmatic access to a range of large language and image models.  Use cases with the need for greater control of the models and full control over the protection and privacy of their data should consider AWS Bedrock.  This service is more appropriate for sensitive and private data use cases.

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