Proactive data anomaly detection

A technology trusted by 3000+ analytics and data engineers, Matatika enhances the open source Elementary solution to provide a simple and complete data quality solution for your data warehouse.

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No more embarrassing moments with business users who found data issues

Gain visibility, detect and resolve data quality issues before they become data quality fiascos

  • Daily Data Quality Email
    Peace of mind delivered to your inbox

    The Matatika data quality report starts your day with a full understanding of any issues that might have arisen overnight.  Celebrate those days where all the data is perfect, and immediately deal with the impact of any data issues before your business stakeholders have even made themselves a morning coffee.

  • Anomaly Detection
    Anomaly detection

    Data engineering tests assert data model correctness, but fail to understand your data norms.  Anomaly detection tests, on the other hand, automatically check for deviations in the expected freshness and volume.  Checking your actual data is a powerful way to find issues even when all the infrastructure appears to be working fine.

  • Data Quality Dashboard
    Data quality dashboard

    Use our user-friendly dashboard to quickly showcase the health of your data to all stakeholders.  Raising awareness of issues and their impact can immediately inform the next step in dealing with any data quality issues.

All your data intelligence in one place

Platform architecture

One platform

Matatika is the one place to run all your data apps and services.

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Secure by design

Data observability within your cloud or from ours with no access to your data.

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Sustainable Cloud

No lock in, no hassles

All the benefits of open source and fully supported by Matatika

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