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How DTN automated time-consuming admin tasks to grow their bespoke talent networks.

Diverse Talent Networks (DTN) build bespoke networks that connect leaders with underrepresented talent. Their service uses robust and accurate data to benchmark companies’ diversity strategies. Clients collaborate in secure online networking spaces, where talent profiles are compared with live industry data. Growth and progress are qualified by quantified evidence.

The Challenge:  Sharing profiles and tracking diversity progress efficiently and effectively

As an early-stage company, establishing  IT systems is labour intensive.  DTN wanted to reduce the admin time per new business win to spend more time with clients.  Previously the team sorted documents into several locations and manually tracked the metrics.  Progress was restricted by time spent switching between multiple applications and tools. They needed the information to sort itself in an automated and scalable way. 

DTN’s first attempts at structuring their work on an online platform offered no significant time savings. Manual set up and follow up emails made the process laborious, error prone, and unable to scale their growing business.  


The Solution:  Automatically publish from Google Drive and Google Forms directly to a Matatika data platform.

DTN creates each client’s Talent Hub where datasets are easy to read, discuss and action.  By easily inviting colleagues and sharing information, the positive impact is felt widely.  Talent is automatically added to the hub via Google Drive, reducing admin time to a couple of minutes.  Clients are set up by filling in a Google Form reducing admin time from 2-3 days to 15 minutes. 

Each Talent Hub is a template so there is no need to build a new one for each network. 


Key challenges that have been overcome:

  • Profile publishing effort has been reduced from hours to minutes
  • Profiles are searchable and sorted into leader lists
  • Analytics and insights can now be published along with other candidate news items
  • Information is now collected and organised into a hosted data warehouse
  • Secure search promotes confidence to all stakeholders


With capacity to think about the next stage, the DTN team is planning notifications and alerts based on talent updates or movement.  Inclusion of third party data to support the network is also important in the roadmap.  As companies are more transparent about diversity, equity and inclusion, users can customise data without the need for complex technical knowledge. 


Result: Collaboration on an unlimited scale means increased productivity

Clients are more engaged and extract more value from the network.  The automation and data collection platform has reduced set up time to minutes allowing DTN to focus on growth over admin.  The automation also has no restrictions on capacity so will grow in line with their anticipated growth.  


“With Matatika’s high levels of automation, clever use of data, and superb collaboration we are able to grow our client base and innovate ahead of our market.” – Lee Higgins, Diverse Talent Networks (DTN)

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