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Meltanohub is a cloud-based data management platform. Meltanohub is a comprehensive data management platform that allows businesses to securely store, manage, and share their data in the cloud. With features such as data integration, data quality, and data governance, Meltanohub helps organizations to streamline their data management processes and make better-informed decisions. The platform also offers advanced analytics capabilities, allowing users to gain valuable insights from their data and improve business performance. Meltanohub is designed to be user-friendly and scalable, making it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.


Api Url

The URL endpoint for the Meltanohub API.

Stream Maps

A list of stream maps that define how data is organized and accessed.

Stream Map Config

Additional configuration settings for the stream maps.

Flattening Enabled

A boolean value indicating whether or not data should be flattened when returned from the API.

Flattening Max Depth

The maximum depth of nested data structures that will be flattened.

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