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S3 CSV is a tool for managing CSV files in Amazon S3.

S3 CSV is a software tool that allows users to easily manage CSV files stored in Amazon S3. It provides features such as importing, exporting, and transforming CSV files, as well as querying and filtering data. S3 CSV also offers advanced functionality such as data validation, data cleansing, and data enrichment. With S3 CSV, users can streamline their CSV file management processes and improve the accuracy and quality of their data.


S3 Access Key Id

The access key ID for the AWS account.

S3 Secret Access Key

The secret access key for the AWS account.

AWS Session token

The session token for the AWS account.

AWS endpoint URL

The endpoint URL for the AWS service.

AWS profile

The name of the AWS profile to use.

S3 Bucket name

The name of the S3 bucket to connect to.

S3 Key Prefix

The prefix to use when searching for files in the S3 bucket.


The delimiter used in the CSV file.

Quote Char

The character used to quote fields in the CSV file.

Add Metadata Columns

Whether or not to add metadata columns to the output.

S3 Access Key Id

The encryption key to use for the CSV file.

Encryption Key

The compression algorithm to use for the CSV file.


The naming convention to use for the CSV file.

Naming Convention

(Default - None) Custom naming convention of the s3 key. Replaces tokens date, stream, and timestamp with the appropriate values. Supports "folders" in s3 keys e.g. folder/folder2/{stream}/export_date={date}/{timestamp}.csv. Honors the s3_key_prefix, if set, by prepending the "filename". E.g. naming_convention = folder1/my_file.csv and s3_keyprefix = prefix results in folder1/prefix_my_file.csv

S3 Access Key Id

(Default - platform-dependent) Directory of temporary CSV files with RECORD messages.

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