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Pardot is a marketing automation software.

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation software that helps businesses streamline their marketing efforts by automating tasks such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead scoring. It also provides analytics and reporting tools to help businesses measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Pardot integrates with Salesforce, allowing businesses to seamlessly transfer leads and data between the two platforms.


Access Token

A unique identifier that grants access to the Pardot API.

Start Date

The date from which to retrieve data.

User Key

A unique identifier for the Pardot user.


The password for the Pardot user.


The email address for the Pardot user.

Pardot Business Unit Id

The unique identifier for the Pardot business unit.

Client Secret

A secret key used to authenticate the client application.

Client Id

A unique identifier for the client application.

Refresh Token

A token used to obtain a new access token when the original token expires.

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