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Stitch is a cloud-based integration platform.

Stitch is a powerful integration platform that allows businesses to connect their various data sources and applications, enabling them to streamline their workflows and gain valuable insights from their data. With Stitch, users can easily integrate data from sources such as databases, SaaS applications, and cloud storage services, and transform and load that data into their data warehouses or other destinations. Stitch also offers a range of features such as data replication, data transformation, and data mapping, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to integrate their data and applications.


Client ID

A unique identifier for the client application connecting to the Stitch API.

Turbo Boost Factor

A multiplier used to increase the number of concurrent requests that can be made to the API.

Disable Collection

A setting that prevents data from being collected for a specific endpoint.

Small Batch Url

The URL for sending small batches of data to the API.

Big Batch Url

The URL for sending large batches of data to the API.


A security token used to authenticate the client application with the API.

Batch Size Preferences

Settings that determine the preferred size of data batches to be sent to the API.

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