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DuckDB is an embeddable SQL database management system.

DuckDB is a high-performance, open-source SQL database management system designed to be embedded in other software applications. It is optimized for analytical queries and can handle large datasets with ease. DuckDB is easy to use and can be integrated into a wide range of applications, including data analysis tools, business intelligence software, and more. It supports standard SQL syntax and provides a range of advanced features, including support for window functions, common table expressions, and more. With its small footprint and low resource requirements, DuckDB is an ideal choice for developers looking to add powerful database functionality to their applications.


Flattening Enabled

Enables or disables flattening of nested data structures.

Flattening Max Depth

Specifies the maximum depth of nested data structures that can be flattened.


Specifies the path to the database file.

Stream Map Config

Specifies the configuration for stream mapping.

Stream Maps

Specifies the stream mapping rules.

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