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Dayforce is a cloud-based human capital management software.

Dayforce is a comprehensive software solution that helps businesses manage their human capital management needs, including payroll, benefits, time and attendance, talent management, and workforce management. It provides real-time data and analytics to help businesses make informed decisions and streamline their HR processes. With Dayforce, businesses can automate many of their HR tasks, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. It also offers mobile access, allowing employees to manage their own HR information and tasks from anywhere.


Client Namespace

The unique identifier for the client's Dayforce instance.


A boolean value indicating whether the connection is being tested or not.

Dayforce Release

The version of Dayforce being used by the client.

Start Date

The date from which data should be retrieved.


The password for the user account being used to connect to the API.


The username for the user account being used to connect to the API.

API Version

The version of the Dayforce API being used.

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