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IBM DB2 is a relational database management system.

IBM DB2 is a software tool that provides a relational database management system for storing, managing, and retrieving data efficiently. It offers features such as high availability, security, scalability, and compatibility with various platforms and programming languages. It is used by businesses and organizations to manage their data and support their applications. IBM DB2 also provides tools for data analysis, reporting, and integration with other systems.



The name of the database to connect to.


The port number to use for the connection.

Offset Value

The number of rows to skip before returning results.

Use Date Datatype

Whether to use the date datatype for date fields.


The hostname or IP address of the server to connect to.


The username to use for authentication.


The password to use for authentication.

Use Singer Decimal

Whether to use the single decimal datatype for decimal fields.

Cursor Array Size

The number of rows to fetch at a time when using a cursor.

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