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Brillium is an assessment platform for creating, delivering, and analyzing tests and surveys.

Brillium is a comprehensive assessment platform that allows users to create, deliver, and analyze tests and surveys. It offers a wide range of question types, including multiple choice, essay, and simulation, and allows for customization of assessments with branding and multimedia. Brillium also provides advanced reporting and analytics features, allowing users to track and analyze results in real-time. It is used by businesses, educational institutions, and certification organizations for employee training, certification exams, and market research.


Api Key

A unique identifier used to authenticate and authorize API requests.

Base Uri

The base URL for the Brillium API.

User Agent

A string that identifies the client making the API request.

Api Version

The version of the Brillium API being used.

Start Date

The date from which to retrieve data from the Brillium API.

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