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Marketplacer is an online marketplace platform that enables businesses to create and manage their own online marketplaces.

Marketplacer provides businesses with a comprehensive platform to create and manage their own online marketplaces, allowing them to connect with customers and vendors, manage transactions, and grow their business. The platform offers a range of features including customizable storefronts, payment processing, inventory management, and marketing tools, making it easy for businesses to launch and scale their own online marketplace. With Marketplacer, businesses can create a unique online shopping experience for their customers, while also generating new revenue streams and expanding their reach.



A unique identifier used to authenticate and authorize API requests.

Flattening Enabled

A boolean value indicating whether or not to flatten nested JSON objects in the API response.

Flattening Max Depth

An integer value indicating the maximum depth to which nested JSON objects should be flattened.

Start Date

The date from which to start retrieving data from the API.

Stream Map Config

A configuration file that maps API response fields to destination fields in the target system.

Stream Maps

A list of stream maps that define how data should be extracted from the API and transformed for use in the target system.

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