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SFTP is a secure file transfer protocol.

SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a network protocol that provides a secure way to transfer files between computers. It uses encryption to protect data in transit and requires authentication to ensure that only authorized users can access the files. SFTP is commonly used by businesses and organizations to transfer sensitive data, such as financial information or personal data, securely over the internet. It is a reliable and efficient way to transfer files, and is supported by most modern operating systems and file transfer software.



The hostname or IP address of the SFTP server.


The port number used for the SFTP connection.


The username used to authenticate with the SFTP server.


The password used to authenticate with the SFTP server.

Private Key File

The path to the private key file used for authentication.


The tables to be accessed or modified through the SFTP API.

Start Date

The date from which data should be retrieved or modified.

Request Timeout

The maximum time allowed for a request to the SFTP server to complete.

Decryption Configs

The configurations used for decrypting encrypted data received from the SFTP server.

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