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Qualified: A conversational sales and marketing platform that helps businesses engage with their website visitors in real-time.

Qualified is a platform that enables businesses to engage with their website visitors in real-time through conversational sales and marketing. It offers features such as live chat, chatbots, and video chat to help businesses connect with their potential customers and provide them with personalized experiences. The platform also integrates with various CRM and marketing automation tools to help businesses streamline their sales and marketing processes. With Qualified, businesses can capture leads, qualify them, and convert them into customers more efficiently.


Api Key

A unique identifier used to authenticate and authorize API requests.

User Agent

A string that identifies the client making the API request.

Stream Maps

A list of stream maps that define how data is mapped from the source to the destination.

Stream Map Config

A configuration object that specifies how the stream maps should be processed.

Flattening Enabled

A boolean value indicating whether or not flattening should be enabled for the API request.

Flattening Max Depth

An integer value specifying the maximum depth of nested objects that should be flattened.

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