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Collect Pingboard data into your data warehouse or ours. The Matatika pipelines will take care of the data collection and preparation for your analytics and BI tools.

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Pingboard is a software tool for managing and visualizing organizational charts and employee information.

Pingboard allows companies to easily create and maintain up-to-date organizational charts, track employee information, and visualize team structures. With Pingboard, employees can quickly find contact information for their colleagues, view team structures and roles, and stay informed about changes within the organization. The software also includes features for tracking time off, managing employee directories, and creating custom reports. Overall, Pingboard helps companies streamline their HR processes and improve communication and collaboration across teams.


Client Secret

A secret key used to authenticate the client when making API requests.

Client Id

A unique identifier for the client making API requests.

Start Date

The date from which to start retrieving data from the Pingboard API.

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