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dbt-dry-run is a tool for BigQuery that provides a dry run functionality for dbt models.

dbt-dry-run is a command-line tool that allows users to preview the results of their dbt models without actually executing them in BigQuery. This is useful for testing and debugging purposes, as it allows users to catch errors and make sure their models are working as intended before running them in production. The tool works by parsing the SQL code in the dbt models and generating a preview of the output that would be generated if the models were executed. Users can specify which models they want to preview and can also specify any relevant variables or configurations. Overall, dbt-dry-run helps users to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their dbt models before deploying them in a production environment.


Project dir

The directory where the dbt project is located.

Profiles dir

The directory where the dbt profiles are located.


The name of the target in the dbt profiles to use for the dry run.

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