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Segment is a customer data platform that helps businesses collect, clean, and control their customer data from various sources.

Segment allows businesses to collect data from various sources such as websites, mobile apps, and servers, and unify it into a single customer profile. The platform then cleans and standardizes the data, making it easier to analyze and use for marketing and customer engagement purposes. Segment also allows businesses to control how their data is shared with other tools and services, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. Overall, Segment helps businesses make better decisions by providing a complete view of their customers' behavior and preferences.


Api Token

The authentication token required to connect to the Segment API.

Start Date

The date from which data should be retrieved.

Stream Maps

A list of mappings between source data and Segment data streams.

Stream Map Config

Configuration settings for the stream maps, such as data transformation rules.

Flattening Enabled

A boolean value indicating whether or not data should be flattened before being sent to Segment.

Flattening Max Depth

The maximum depth of nested objects to be flattened.

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