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Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) used by educational institutions and businesses to create, manage, and deliver online courses and training programs.

Canvas provides a user-friendly platform for instructors to design and organize course content, communicate with students, and track student progress and performance. Students can access course materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments, and receive feedback and grades through the platform. Canvas also offers features such as video conferencing, analytics, and mobile accessibility to enhance the learning experience. With its customizable interface and integrations with other educational tools, Canvas is a popular choice for institutions looking to modernize their online learning offerings.


Api Key

A unique identifier used to authenticate API requests to the Canvas platform.

Course Ends After

The date and time after which a course will be considered ended and no longer accessible through the API.

Stream Maps

A mapping of Canvas event types to specific streams that can be subscribed to for real-time updates.

Stream Map Config

Additional configuration options for stream maps, such as filtering or limiting the number of events returned.

Flattening Enabled

A setting that determines whether or not nested objects in API responses should be flattened into a single level.

Flattening Max Depth

The maximum depth of nested objects that will be flattened when the flattening enabled setting is turned on.

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