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Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that allows users to store and analyze large amounts of data using SQL.

dbt (data build tool) is an open-source command-line tool that allows data analysts and engineers to transform and analyze data in their data warehouse using SQL, and it integrates seamlessly with Snowflake. With dbt, users can create and manage data pipelines, perform data transformations, and build data models that can be used for reporting and analysis. It also provides features such as testing, documentation, and version control to ensure data quality and consistency. Overall, dbt Snowflake provides a powerful and flexible solution for managing and analyzing data in the cloud.


Skip Pre-invoke

A boolean value indicating whether to skip pre-invoke checks.

dbt Profile type

The type of dbt profile being used (e.g. snowflake).

Projects Directory

The directory where dbt projects are stored.

Profiles Directory

The directory where dbt profiles are stored.


The Snowflake account name.


The Snowflake user name.


The Snowflake user password.


The Snowflake role to use.


The Snowflake warehouse to use.


The Snowflake database to use.


The Snowflake schema to use.

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