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Coingecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregator and analytics platform.

Coingecko provides real-time cryptocurrency market data, charts, and analysis for over 8,000 coins and tokens from over 400 exchanges. It also offers a comprehensive database of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and other related services, as well as a news section that covers the latest developments in the crypto industry. Coingecko's mission is to empower cryptocurrency users with the information they need to make informed decisions about their investments.



API token for authentication

Api Url

URL for Coingecko API

Start Date

Date to start retrieving data from

Wait Time Between Requests

Time to wait between API requests

Stream Maps

Mapping of data streams to retrieve

Stream Map Config

Configuration settings for data stream mapping

Flattening Enabled

Flag to enable or disable flattening of nested data

Flattening Max Depth

Maximum depth of nested data to flatten

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