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Ultimate Guide to ETL Tools for Modern Business Intelligence

This blog aims to clarify what ETL has meant traditionally, and what modern ETL tools can do for operational efficiency and tech-ROI right now. We’ll also go over the key considerations to help you opt for a top set of tools, and importantly – the right partner...


How ImpactGrows built an ESG Data Hub with Matatika

ImpactGrows helps corporates achieve their sustainability goals with an end-to-end platform for automated reporting, management, and deep analytics of Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) information. A company embarking on a sustainability journey needs to consider its maturity, community sentiment, peer benchmarking, materiality mapping, goal setting, strategy & risk. At every step, trusted data is key to tracking, decision-making, and evidencing sustainability-linked lending - a $1.6 trillion lending product in 2021.